Frames make a difference!

How to make a painting....Waterlily pond
When I sell you a painting I am never sure how to frame it, so I am very happy when you decide to choose your own frame.  More likely than not you already have a measured wall space, painted a neutral color, and with a hook at eye level.  But if you ask for advice, I can give you a few tips, but feel free to totally disregard!

Anne chose to buy her watercolor commission unframed.  Here it is. From sketch to completion,  painted from the top down…..more or less.  This is my usual technique for a large work.   When she took it home, I mentioned that I would never put a black frame on a watercolor….and off she went to the frame shop.  And well, well,…
It looks magnificent on her dining room wall in it’s sleek contemporary BLACK frame.

My little 8x 8 panels are easy to frame.  SiIvery moldings work with every one. Slightly distressed colored frames are perfect  when the art hangs in a beach or lake cottage.  Pin the panels in the frame, add a sawtooth hanger, and group them on a large wall, or in pairs on a small one.
Carol bought one, liked it so well, she immediately bought another.  I love positive feedback!

distressed green

silvery frame

Frames make a difference!




Frames make a difference!

Anne’s Lilypond


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