Company and Cats

Mel and Anna

House guests!  I love them Work is suspended and we become tour guides.  We enjoyed some unusually mild weather and visited some favorite haunts and restaurants in Cleveland, Chautauqua and our hometown Chagrin falls.


Annegrete, from Germany, has had a cat phobia since childhood, and despite costly visits with psychiatrists her contact with cats has been limited to a glimpse of a big cat through an open door.  We had no forewarning, neither did she. But she spent 10 days in the Gillespie home, where two cats are into everything and every corner. They chew feet, appear on couches and laps, and dive into unmade beds. There was no alternative for Annagrete.  She was amazing.  There is a lesson here!

Here comes Heidi !

Here comes Heidi   (sold)


Our send off party was a lot of fun.  Mel, from Australia, cooked wings and bokchoy, we ate apple pie and drank more New Zealand wine and champagne than was good for us, and now with frosty nights in the forecast it is time to clean up outside and get back to work.


Sea Days

Sea Days   $125


About Tan

Hello bloggers! I am an artist, not a writer, but please enjoy my blog. We no longer own our lovely boat but we go often to Tortola to visit our friends, to look after their apartments and to spend fun time on their Edel Catamaran, Wildfire. I have just completed two Round the World voyages as Cunard's watercolour teacher on board Queen Mary (2016) and Queen Elizabeth (2017). Pete came along for the ride! See paintings and sketches, and read about our adventures here. Now we are back in our home/studio in Chagrin Falls, trying to reestablish a normal life.
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One Response to Company and Cats

  1. Annegret Jost says:

    Ah, dearest Tan,
    your writing in your blog, about the german and the australian visitors, sounds so kindly.
    We, Mel and me, Annegret, we both have so good reminders for the time in your home.
    You and Pete, your’e the very best hosts we can imagane.
    And to met your friends, espacially at the last evening, we will never forget.
    It was such a very good time for us.
    And I have to say, thanks a lot, for your patience with my daily spoken english, full of mistakes, but I think, funny mistakes, and to have the possibility to make some expierience, succesfull expierience, with your lovely cats.
    That was a surprise for me, how good I could handl my phobia.
    I’m so happy about that, you can’t imagine how happy!
    Love to you and Pete
    and to Foxie and Pickle

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