Pickleball is addictive!

Sea of Blue

Sea of Blue   $125

Pickleball is easy to learn, and hard to play well.  Buy a paddle and a whiffle ball, play indoors or out and get beaten by crafty shots from your Grandmother.  The court is small so you can talk to your partner or opponent without yelling.   You’ll have a lot of laughs! A dink is a soft shot where the ball barely clears the net; to poach is to cross over into your partner’s area to play a ball in a doubles game; and the dreaded Volley Llama is when a player attacks a ball in the kitchen, a no-volley zone.  Try it !  It is a nice complement for those static hours spent at the easel.the rack

My new painting rack is perfect.  Display the latest ‘square’ on the top, then move it down till it is touch dry. Then, take the painting and protect it with a satin finish coat of Gamvar, then back on the rack till it is sold and shipped.

Anna is with us, so any routine is on hold while we eat, bike and shop.  My Ridley Fenix has gained approval, and after a minor tweaking at the bike shop we have been out in nice warm summer weather. Anna has come from a neuro-science seminar in New York.  She is one of the youngest rising stars, and our favorite!

Classes at South Franklin Circle are on hold till we gain approval from the new management.  We will miss the ease, comfort and convenience of the facility but a few students come regularly to my studio.  The rest of the time, I’m Dailypainting.

Filling the kite

Filling the Kite   $125



About Tan

Hello bloggers! I am an artist, not a writer, but please enjoy my blog. We no longer own our lovely boat but we go often to Tortola to visit our friends, to look after their apartments and to spend fun time on their Edel Catamaran, Wildfire. I have just completed two Round the World voyages as Cunard's watercolour teacher on board Queen Mary (2016) and Queen Elizabeth (2017). Pete came along for the ride! See paintings and sketches, and read about our adventures here. Now we are back in our home/studio in Chagrin Falls, trying to reestablish a normal life.
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