Thanksgiving Day 2014

Cleveland is in a blizzard. Merilee chauffered us to the airport at 4.15 am and went home to put a turkey in the oven, and here we are in the cramped back seat of a 737, heading south at 500 mph on our way to St Thomas. We are ready for this. The snow has been piling up and it has been bitter. There were days I’d open the chix shed door and there’d be a rush to back away from the icy blast. Their water was frozen and their food a rocky lump of brown. Outdoor activities have been difficult for days and the drive has been one slippery slope.
We kept the toy car available for Anna, until it became obvious that there was going to be no more warm breezes. It is now stowed in the Bellars garage and the primary car is the winter ready Rav.
imageWe had an early lovely turkey dinner with John and Nikki, and we ate well again on Pete’s birthday. With ‘Irish’ guests…Jim and Fran, Mari and David and Jim and Karin. Pete was delighted, fire added atmosphere, guests were fun and ‘Irish’ food was perfect ( Beef Wellington ) The following day we picked up Anna from Akron.
She had presented a paper at The International Neurological Society in Washington. There were 30,000 attendees and it is honor to be chosen to talk, and an interesting addition to her resume, but she met more interested attendees when just taking a poster. She was able to drop in on our Christmas Card Workshop.
With the snow outside even that was moderately holidayish and made a social end to the painting season. After that the shopping started in earnest, and Pete took over the cards and trimmed his box for Misco. We ate healthy food, and had more log fires, and loved her company. And the time went zipping by and so did the dollars.
Anna helped me trim Fuzzy Peg’s feathers. That poor neurotic chick became attached by his feathers to the roof of the shed. The evidence was there in an icy patch. We gave him a buzz cut and he can now view the world in the same inquisitive way as the rest of the little group. They like being free range, and their large hen friends have taken to the nesting box, and go there in shifts throughout he day. Anna helped me blow out auracana eggs for a colorful collection, and Kelly and Bill are now in charge. Much more capable farmer hands!
We had dinner with the Fedors. They talk more about Dixie the labradoodle, than their family. Pete is not thrilled that I’m beginning to think of getting a dog. He is not in favor, and the only passenger with a dog on our flight, is sitting right beside him. It is ‘comfort ‘dog, and is eyeing his lap. I finally found the solution to the unwanted bathroom visits from Ellie, the puggle. With a chemical warning displayed in our lawn Shirley keeps Ellie off my grass. No more land mines.
In Tortola we will be house sitting for John and Sandra. We will have the use of Wildfire, the 35 ft catamaran, their ropey Subaru wagon and Biddy and Anna will join us for a family Christmas.
I have watercolors in the suitcase. If Pete’s hip doesn’t allow much sailing we’ll be snorkeling and swimming, and I’ll be painting. We are due to return in January. It will be midwinter but there will be squash for Pete to watch…. The Cleveland Women’s Open, and Bob Botti has suggested he see a specialist squash playing hip man. At this point he is looking for at the least an increase in mobility. I’ll come back to see the magnificent Michael Prunty paint a demo at SFC, this I can’t miss. Michael paints grand Cleveland water and street scenes, it is an indication of the challenging art market that even this productive artist bags groceries part time.


About Tan

Hello bloggers! I am an artist, not a writer, but please enjoy my blog. We no longer own our lovely boat but we go often to Tortola to visit our friends, to look after their apartments and to spend fun time on their Edel Catamaran, Wildfire. I have just completed two Round the World voyages as Cunard's watercolour teacher on board Queen Mary (2016) and Queen Elizabeth (2017). Pete came along for the ride! See paintings and sketches, and read about our adventures here. Now we are back in our home/studio in Chagrin Falls, trying to reestablish a normal life.
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One Response to Thanksgiving Day 2014

  1. Norma Gabrielson says:

    Hi Tan, It is so good to hear about you and your exciting life. Is Pete going to need a hip replacement?? I have had two, and it beats having the pain. Have a great Christmas and keep us on your list.

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